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Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Mistress

Illamasquaaaaaa. This brand screams pigmentation, experimentation, and being yourself! Though it is basically a theatre makeup range, they do have some pretty neat products. My favourite product by them are their blushes. YOU HAVE to check them out !

I got this gloss some time back. It was on a discounted price plus I'd seen Nicole Schezingertweet about the gloss. I didn't think twice before purchasing this
Nicole Schezinger-“Rocking the bright peachy, coral lips now. Love my new Mistress Lip Gloss from Illamasqua” (Twitter)
My Verdict: I have the tube packaging but last I checked Illamasqua has changed the packaging to a traditional brush applicator-bottle packaging. The lipgloss is described as bright coral orange on Illamasqua website and I couldn't agree more. It is such a beautiful coral, and boy is it pigmented! It is more like liquid lisptick. I do find the formula sticky compared to other formulas like Benefit cosmetics. The extremely glossy finish fades away after few hours but the colour remains (gue
ss it's due to it's sticky nature?)

I've also added a picture of the gloss in comparison to Benefit Box o' Powder Ultra Plush Gloss in Coralista (review here)

Illamaqua Intense Lipgloss in Mistress
Tube Applicator
L-R: Mistress with flash, without flash
From L-R- Benefit Coralista Lipgloss, Illamasqua Mistress

Illamasqua could be bought from Asos or their Official Website . Both ship internationally. And for people in UAE, Ilamasqua is available at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall and Areej stores.

Have you tried Illamaqua yet?


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9 Responses to “Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Mistress”

  1. ooh lovely! I love Illamasqua for their insanely pigmented lip products! this has to be on my wishlist now! :)

  2. wohhh batul this gloss has some serious pigmentation :) love it on you :) hmm i think i should try something from this brand after hearing many rave reviews :) thanx for introducing it to us batul :) n ohh u r looking gorgeous <3

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  4. wow it looks gorgeous on you batul :)

  5. Hey it lools nice by the way i am loving ur blush :)

  6. Awwww this is just so cute ^_^ very pretty on

  7. mhhhhh *_______* looks delicious :D

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