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Homemade Mango Ice Cream!- No ice cream maker required

Hello beautiful readers<3

I am obsessed with ice cream. I think it is better than chocolate and fizzy drinks. I could eat it daily if given the chance. And since I'm off for three long months and have nothing but time on hand I decided to experiment a little with food. And of course being the lazy bum I am, I had to choose the easiest way to come up with hassle free ice cream.

I came across some recipes where frozen fruits were turned into creamy ice cream. So I tried with making ice cream with banana and mango.

Here is a quick recipe tutorial, Enjoy!

Things you require:

  • Mango/or any pulpy fruit (berries would be great too)
  • Cream
  • Sugar (optional)
  • A very hungry stomach!

  1. cut your fruit into cubes or pieces and freeze them for 3+ hours (overnight is good too)
  2. Puree your fruit in a blender or food processor (should be powerful to enough to work on frozen fruit)
  3. Mix 1tbs cream and sugar quantity of your choice and add to the blender (no cream required for banana ice cream)
  4. Indulge!
Cut your fruit into cubes and freeze

put it in a strong blender/food factory

Don't freak out if your fruit looks like this. You can add cream from the start

Cream+ sugar  quantity of your preference


I couldn't find my ice cream scoop hence a deformed ice cream picture




  • You can freeze the ice cream for further 30 minutes to make it harder. Just take a fork and blend it again as ice will be forming on the edges.
  • Add fun ingredients like coconut, nutella, or cinnamon to your ice creams to create a variety of flavours.
  • Instead of cream use yoghurt (in more quantity) to make your own frozen yoghurt! 

Bon Appetit !

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16 Responses to “Homemade Mango Ice Cream!- No ice cream maker required”

  1. Howw freakin simplee! Lovee it :) thanks! Do post more batul

  2. Yum yum! I'll be making peach and mango icecreams soon too! ;) I had made a mango one when I was younger from a recipe in Dawn Young World. It was awesome and froze so well! The color of yours is sooo beautiful!! :) xo

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. awesome looks so myummy n healthy too plus frozen yogurt idea is great too thanx batul :)

  4. Now that was EASY peasy! I'm definitely going to try. Thanks x

  5. Yum! Super quick n healthy. Thanks.

  6. This looks yummy!! Def going to try this out

  7. i'm defo gonna try this, keeping the mangos in the freezer for tonight! thanks babe for sharing! xx

  8. WOW! That was simple, I'll definitely be trying that :D

    The Bedside Dreams

  9. Lovely, quick and easy...but I prefer the real fruit "MANGO" over mango ice cream...:P as I strongly believe "Mango Mango hota hey"
    Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Yum!. That's super easy and well defined recipe. Will try this recipe soon.

  11. How quick and easy you basically made this process so simple we can replace mangoes with strawberries or any other fruit we like and if we replace cream with yogurt we can make our very own froyo.

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  13. This is yummmmm. I love ice-cream recipes without ice-cream maker ('cause I don't have an ice-cream maker ^_^)